May 2014 Newsletter


Happy May Everyone!ย  We have decided to move our newsletter to our new and improved website to make things a bit more streamlined.

We have updated our website and in addition to making it more user friendly,ย  we have added a handy Commissioner Resources section to put all the information our commissioners need in one place!ย  We have also implemented our production log where you can see what we are working on each week as well as work in progress pictures and general updates.

April was a BUSY month!ย  We really enjoyed our trip to Japan but it left us with only two weeks to work in April but we were able to complete a bear, a dragon and half a tiger!ย  We are moving right along!

Lethias Dragon Fursuit Bengalic white tiger fursuit mascot head Blake the Bear Final Shot


Bengalic Tigeran





We are a bit behind schedule, but only by a few days so it shouldn’t have too much of an impact on completion times.ย  We are slowing our production schedule a bit to make sure that every costume we put out is perfect!

We hope everyone has a wonderful May.ย  We look forward to sharing our upcoming projects with you!


–Sarah & Matatabi