No more stripes…PLEASE no more stripes…

We had a very stripey week here at Menagerie Workshop!  Bengalic the tiger has 50+ stripes and was made from over 150 individual pieces!  We spent a lot of time this week at the sewing machine working on sewing all the pieces together.  Even though it took a long time, it was worth it!

Fursuit patterning

A few of the pieces that went into the Tiger’s bodysuit before being sewn together.

Cute tiger fursuit in menagerie workshop

Even though this guy was a lot of work, the end result is pretty darn cute!

We also finished up Lethias the dragon!  If you have read our past entries, you know this guy has been in the works for quite some time!  He is finally finished and will be shipped off to his new home on Monday!

Dragon fursuit costume

Lethias poses for the camera!


Next week we start a REALLY fun and unique project!  Casanova will be our first bird suit and you won’t be disappointed!  Tune in next week for more pictures and updates!


Have a good weekend everyone!

–The MW Team

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  1. Bobby Corwin says:

    Can’t wait, so excited! >:3