Seeing Stars.

We are wrapping up one of our last costumes before Anthrocon production starts! Polaris a very pink husky is nearly finished! The only thing we have left is to fur her head and finish her feet! We are hoping to have her finished up on Monday and shipped on Wednesday.

photo 2 (6)

Head carve in progress

photo 1 (10)

A very pink starry body suit!












We are a couple days behind schedule but because most of June will be spent making AC stock, we have plenty of time to catch up on commissions!

We have a new worker in the shop so a portion of the week was spent getting her up to speed. She will primarily be helping with getting us ready for Anthrocon!

Next week we will be starting a really cool horse head as well as finishing up Polaris, then it is on to AC prep!

Have a great weekend everyone! Β Tune in next Friday for more updates from us!

–The Menagerie Workshop Team