June 2014 Newsletter

May was a CRAZY busy month for us!  We created a lot of really unique creatures that really pushed us!  June will be more laid back and allow us the time to get caught up.  We are a bit behind schedule but because most of June is scheduled for making items to sell at Anthrocon, we will have time to get caught up!



Costumes being completed this Month:

Gunther Head

Halo Body feet and hands pending payment


Wolfie Bodysuit

A secret critter for AC delivery



We are SO excited to be heading to Anthrocon in July!  Most of June will be dedicated to making tails, paws and partials to sell at the convention.  We have a new worker in the workshop who will be helping us out too!  We hope to see some of you at AC and do a fun group picture.  It’s always fun to meet Menagerie Workshop critters in person!

Important Reminders & News

If you have not paid for your costume in full by the 1st of the month prior to your completion date, your commission will be pushed back.  If you have checked the “I would like to keep track of my own payments” box on the commissioner form, we will NOT remind you that your payment is due.  If you have decided to track your own payments, please be mindful of this policy.  Also, please remember, we do not start costumes until they are paid in full.

If you have any fun pictures of a Menagerie Workshop suit in action, please email it to menagerieworkshop@gmail.com.  We usually only have a couple photos of each costume, and it would be fun to have some action shots!

Details for the Menagerie Workshop photoshoot at Anthrocon will be posted here as well as FA and Twitter in mid June!  If you will be at AC, we would love for you to join us!

Have a great June Everyone!