Preparing for Anthrocon!

Wow!  Sorry for the late production log!  We have just been so busy time slipped away from us.  We are now in full swing getting things ready for Anthrocon.  We will have 100+ faux fur tails in pretty much every species, real fur tails, hand paws, partials and more!  We will also be taking badge commissions at the convention.  We rarely take any sort of art commissions aside from concept art so this is a rare opportunity to get a badge from us!


Last week we worked hard on getting tails made, as well as making a couple partials to sell at AC!  We also have a very unique head that will be for sale that was made on a skull base by DreamVisionCreations.  We also wrapped up working on Gunther’s head!


Gunther’s Head


A cute fox and aussie that will be for sale at AC!




This week we are working on more tails and other things to sell at AC as well as Wolfie’s bodysuit and starting a secret feline (You know who you are!).  We will also be working on little odds and ends here and there throughout the week if we have time.

Have a great week everyone!  Stay cool, it’s getting hot out there!


Ryder dog loves summer!