September 2014 Newsletter

Fall is in the air!  We are coming into my personal favorite time of the year!  We hope everyone has had a wonderful summer.  As we move into fall, we are quite busy but things are starting to slow down a bit, however we do have some fun projects on the way.  We were slightly delayed in August but do not expect any delays in September.


September Costumes to be Completed

Devanea Partial

(Due to complicated markings and hand made wig this costume has taken longer than expected but will be done by the end of this week.)

DeadPaws Dingo Head

Ophion Full Suit

River Lupin Partial Suit

Starshade Partial Suit


We are happy to announce we will again be dealing in the Further Confusion Market Place at Further Confusion 2015!  We love going to this convention and are thrilled we were chosen as a vendor!  We will hopefully have some fun costumes and parts for sale there!

Have a wonderful September everyone!