October 2014 Newsletter

This month is very exciting for us here at Menagerie Workshop!  We are taking the month off of commissions (except for a few odds and ends).  This month will allow us some room to grow and learn some new skills!  It’s important to not get caught up in the daily grind.  We wan’t to make sure each of our costumes is a work of art, so taking a little time off to recharge is always good!


There are a few projects we will be working on this month that are particularly exciting!  The first is we will be making new molds for resin blanks.  We will be starting with a canine base but hope to add other shapes in the future.


The other big thing that will be taking up a lot of October is our move!  We have been in the same location for years and we have a lot of work to do to get the workshop as well as the rest of our home moved to the new location.


We will resume commissions November 1st!    There will not be any production log entries during the month of October.  Have a wonderful month everyone!


–Sarah and Matatabi