Hello All!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!  We celebrated the holidays here at Menagerie with family and friends.  It was a wonderful time!

I got some really neat presents this year, but one of the gifts I am most excited about are my scooter mittens.  If you follow me on Twitter, you know I recently picked up a little 50cc Yamaha Vino.  Luckily the Colorado winter is mild enough I have been able to do quite a bit of riding unless there is snow on the ground.  Even though it isn’t super cold, even with gloves, the wind still makes my hands freeze.  SO, my husband found these cool scooter mitten things that go around the handlebars of the scooter so I can still have full dexterity of my hands but they stay nice and toasty!

I love my scooter! #scooter #moped #yamahavino

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Now that the holidays are over for me, I am looking forward to the new years and Further Confusion.  I think we have decided to bring one partial fursuit for sale, and a dance mask, or some other unique item!  I am excited to explore some possibilities for unique new items.  I will also be teaching a bunch of panels on how to construct a head from start to finish, so I will be preparing those as well.  I am hoping to have our new merch available too!  I am currently looking to have tshirts and stickers.

Starting next week, I will be working on FC stuff only until the con!  This week we are making a wild dog and Photographing Lance, Joey and Sweets and sending everybody home!  I held off on shipping the porcupine and Jess until after the holidays for fear they would be lost in the mail.

Other than work and holiday stuff, I have been in the process of organizing my entire house.  This has been something I have been working on the last month or so.  I’m nearly finished and the house looks awesome.  I also got some super cool bear themed tshirts for FC, which I am pretty excited about, since www.designedbyhumans.com was doing a 20% off sale.

I am getting really excited for FC and this year I think we will do things a bit different so I can actually have time to suit and stuff!  So excited!

Anyway, I hope you all have an amazing week!