We are back from FurtherConfusion and spent a lot of last week recovering from a nasty bug we picked up there.  It sounds like quite a few people got the flu which is a huge bummer.  This week we are focusing on a deer costume, as well as photographing and shipping Dawn the purple lion.

We are open for fursuit commissions. It took us nearly a year, but our queue is finally fixed so people dont need to wait much longer than 6 months for their costume.  This means as I finish each costume, I have room to add one more to my queue.  I am not sure how this will work with the demand, but I am hoping I don’t have to close again for so long.  I would like to stay open for fursuit commissions year round instead of opening quarterly, but we will see what happens!

I have some really interesting fursuit commissions coming up and I am pretty excited to start working on them!