It’s been a little while since I’ve posted anything here!  We have had a really awesome, but VERY busy first quarter so far.  We are still open for fursuit commissions at this time, and hope to stay open for the time being.  I redid the workshop a little bit this week, it was long overdue.  I raised the tables 8 inches to standing height, reorganized table space and added a few cute little plants and such.  If you go on over to my twitter @menagerieworks, you can see some pictures of what I did.


It’s the first workday with daylight savings and man is it brutal.  I’ve been trying to switch my sleep schedule, so I am getting up earlier.  It has gone pretty well so far, but today was not so easy to get up at 6:45!  It was still dark!


No other news to report.  I am trying to decide what conventions we are going to go to this year.  I’m still not sure on any of them!


I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and has a fantastic week!