Since 2011, Menagerie Workshop has been dedicated to crafting creature costumes, mascot costumes and fursuits using the highest quality materials and techniques.  Our custom costumes are made to fit each individual’s specifications and needs.  Our costumes are eye-catching, durable, and unique.  Whether you are looking for a promotional costume or a personal costume, Menagerie Workshop can bring your idea to life!

Menagerie Workshop is based in Boulder, Colorado.  We are a small shop co-owned by a husband and wife team. Most components are hand-fabricated in-house with the exception of the occasional silicon or taxidermy parts.


A little more about the artist

Since her childhood, Sarah has always been fascinated with animals.  Her love of anthropomorphic cartoons (particularly Disney) and stuffed animals dominated her early years.  As a young adult, she discovered the highly detailed animal costumes within the furry community.   She was immediately drawn to the aesthetic and decided to try her hand at making similar costumes.

After getting her feet wet making a few costumes for friends, she founded Menagerie Workshop in 2011.  She is a self taught artist and costume maker with a background in advertising.   She works full time for Menagerie Workshop with the company of her loveably neurotic boston terrier Ryder and plastic-munching black cat Milo.