Commissioner Resources

Measurement Form

Please fill out this form ONLY if you have commissioned us for a full suit!  This information is not needed for any other commission type.

What to expect during the commission process:

1) Once you have turned in your deposit, you will receive our official commissioner form. Please fill it out as quickly & completely as possible and make sure all information is correct.

2) We do our best to meet desired completion dates and rarely miss them, but please be aware that completion by a particular date is not guaranteed.  Once you fill out our commissioner form, you will be assigned a completion month.  If you are wanting your costume for a specific event, we recommend choosing a date 3 months before your event.

3) After you have paid your deposit, you will be sent and invoice via PayPal for the remaining amount.  You do not need to pay the entire amount of the invoice as once.  You will see there is an option to make a partial payment.

5) We will alert you via email when your costume has begun production.  We do not send WIP pictures in order to focus on the work flow, but we will post what we are working on Twitter @menagerieworks

6) You will be billed for shipping once your costume has shipped via PayPal.