Costume Care Guide

Congratulations on your new fursuit from MenagerieWorkshop!

This page has some handy tips to ensure you have the best fursuiting experience possible.

Safety First!

Fursuiting can be really fun but you should keep in mind that it is a physical activity and can be dangerous.

Heatstroke is a major concern when suiting, particularly for over-weight or out of shape fursuiters.  Be sure to take plenty of breaks, even if you don’t feel particularly hot or tired.  Heatstroke can be fatal if not addressed immediately.  If you feel nauseous, dizzy, faint, or develop a headache stop suiting immediately, remove the suit, and cool down.

Hydration is also important when suiting.  Be sure to stay hydrated before, during and after any suiting you do.

Visibility is limited in fursuits, so it is handy to have a spotter with you. It’s easy to trip or run into things with big clumsy feet and a tail.

Proper Fursuit Care is the Key to looking your best!

Storage is a major part of keeping your fursuit in good shape.  Never put your suit away when it is still sweaty.  Make sure it has had plenty of time to dry.  You can store your suit right side out on a hanger, or neatly folded.  Be sure you store your head in a safe place where it will not be crushed. DO NOT leave your suit in the sun or in a hot place such as a car.

During Use, be sure to put on your suit carefully.  A fursuit is not clothing and shouldn’t be treated as such.  Don’t force anything and use care when zipping up your suit, as fur is easily caught in zippers.  To minimize odor, shower before you put on your fursuit.

Brushing and general care of your suit will ensure you are picture perfect.  Regular brushing will keep your fur smooth but be sure to brush gently  so you don’t thin your fur. Use a pet brush for best results.

After Wearing, turn your suit inside out and spray down with a disinfectant spray.  We recommend a blend of rubbing alcohol and essential oils.

DO NOT use disinfectant spray on exterior airbrushing, it will break down the ink.  Hang your suit and allow it to fully dry.  Spray down suit accessories.  You can use plain rubbing alcohol on the interior of your head to keep it smelling fresh.  Make sure your suit has had enough time to air out before putting it back on. (We recommend 30-60 minutes)

Washing your fursuit correctly is vital.  Costumes are hand wash only.  Do not put your costume in the washing machine.  Fur clogs up washing machines.  Use only cold water and laundry detergent to clean your costume.  Do NOT use a fabric softener, as it will degrade the fabric backing and ruin your suit.  Tails, hand paws, and body parts can be submerged, but NEVER submerge your head or foot-paws in water; instead, clean them with a damp cloth.  Take special care when washing airbrushed spots.

Drying should NEVER be done in a dryer or with a blow dryer.  Heat will melt the fur fibers and destroy your costume.  Air dry your costume brushing occasionally to ensure your fur stays smooth.

Traveling with your suit can be tricky.  If traveling by car, pack your suit neatly in a hard tote.  If traveling by plane, it is easiest to ship your suit to the hotel.  If you can’t ship it, pack it in a large tote and pay the extra for oversize baggage as necessary.


Although your fursuit is durable, accidents do happen.  Below are some common scenarios and how to fix them.


 Help, my head won’t fit!

Sometimes customers are concerned when their head won’t slide on easily.  Our heads are not designed to fit loosely, especially if yours has a moving jaw.  If it does not slide on easily, place one hand on the top of your head and push down while carefully pulling down on your neck fur with your other hand and your head should slide in. If you feel your head is too small, please contact us and we can arrange for modifications.

Rips and tears: This is the most common damage a fursuit will sustain. Being careful with your movement in costume is the best way to avoid such issues, but minor rips and tears are a fact of life.  Rips and tears are an easy fix with a simple lock stitch.  If you do not know how to sew, we offer repair services for $40/hour.

Loose Paw bottoms and lost pawpads: With a lot of wear, sometimes your foot-paw bottoms will come loose.  If you notice a loose bottom, use hot glue to secure it back in place.  If you do not have a hot glue gun, Superglue also works.

Stains: Stains can be tough to get out of fur.  If you catch a stain early, use a stain remover like Shout to get rid of the stain.  Do not use stain remover on airbrushed spots.  If the stain remover does not remove the stain, contact us and we will see how we can help.

Broken and lost Claws + Teeth: Your claws, teeth, eyes and other hard parts will not break unless your suit is being treated improperly.  If you do break one of these items please contact us and we can replace the lost claws or teeth for a small fee.

Damaged Heads:  Your head is the most fragile part of your costume.  If you treat it carefully your head should not get damaged.  Contact us if you have damaged your head and we can assess the situation. If you have any questions about fursuit or costume care, please don’t hesitate to contact us!