Happy New year everyone!  2016 wasn’t a great year for a lot of people, but it is finally over and we can move on to 2017!  This is going to be a good year! I am kicking off this year by starting my Further Confusion prep.  I am working on building a partial fursuit of a hyena, and then creating some interesting new things that should be kinda cool.  One of my resolutions is to take some time to create new things.  I think that changing up what you do it a great way to grow as an artist.

I love going to Further Confusion because Colorado in January is usually pretty cold and San Jose is always really nice and warm and green!  Plus, San Jose is a pretty cool little city.  I like conventions that have central locations so you get to explore a new city!  I’m excited to get some Voodoo doughnuts, and eat some really great Asian food!

I have quite a few things to ship this week, and I am excited to free up space in my workshop!  I think I have like 5 or 6 boxes to take to fedex!  I wanted to wait to ship all these critters until after the holidays because I feared they would get lost in the mail!

As always, keep an eye on my twitter @menagerieworks for updates on what we’re doin!